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Academy of Technology

The Hidden Hills Academy of Technology will prepare our students for success in the 21st century. Our scholars will learn through a connected approach provided by a curriculum that values student engagement, student choice, critical thinking, and collaboration through hands-on project-based learning. This innovative approach to learning starts with a flexible learning environment that is student-centered and promotes collaboration and communication. Student choice plays a key role in our academy. Scholars are able to choose their best learning spot, the technology that makes sense to them, their method of demonstrating their knowledge, etc. This type of learning environment fosters student engagement, which in turn creates scholars who are participating in rigorous learning. Teaching and learning are transformed by seamlessly intertwining technology with an engaging environment and curriculum. Hidden Hills super scholars will become the super citizens of the 21st century!

Students leave empowered to:
  • Understand the fundamentals of computer programming/coding
  • Leave with a fully developed app and website (goal)
  • Develop and present advanced multimedia projects
  • Organized Google Drive (digital portfolio) that students can take with them to middle school and beyond